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BML Plut. 52.9, Genealogie

The 2024 ICMS Conference in Kalamazoo (May 9-11)

"Transgressive Boccaccio" (Organizers: Simo Cocco, Kevin Martín and Akash Kumar of UC Berkeley) This panel seeks to interrogate Giovanni Boccaccio as one who transgresses boundaries in his work, whether they be boundaries of gender, social status, literary convention or religious stricture.

We continue to reel from a global pandemic, and the Decameron continues to serve as a vital text that urges us to consider the relationship between catastrophe and the rethinking of rules and categories that define a social order. By emphasizing Boccaccio's transgressive nature through a queer and global approach, this panel urges new ways to read a canonical author that can extend outward to medieval Italy and to Boccaccio's global reception.

Please submit proposals to the ICMS site by September 15. For any questions, please contact Akash Kumar.